Traditional Metal Braces

Traditional braces are one of the most popular and affordable orthodontic options. They can correct crowded teeth, eliminate unwanted gaps, and align the jaw. While many people still associate traditional metal braces with a “metal mouth,” this treatment has improved over the years, in terms of comfort, appearance and timelines! 

East Texas Dental Group offers traditional braces with sleek bracket systems for patients of all ages in Tyler, TX. Because we see the whole family, you can save time and book appointments together. This is convenient for families with multiple children who need braces, but it also helps adults who always wanted straight teeth. You can book your treatment right alongside your child—for a lot of kids, seeing their parents go through the orthodontic process makes them feel more comfortable.

Understanding the Process

Initial Consultation

We kick off the orthodontic process with a free consultation. This is when you and your orthodontist go over objectives, goals and any concerns. Whether it’s you or your child needing braces, all adults, teens and children receive custom treatment. We will outline a comprehensive traditional braces plan for your teeth.

First Appointment

An orthodontist will further examine and assess your mouth during this visit. Our team will take impressions along with digital X-rays. This can sometimes occur during the initial consultation and helps create the customized metal braces you chose for treatment.

Braces Appointment

This appointment is for bonding the brackets to the teeth. The flexible arch wires are placed between the brackets and the rubber bands are put on to help gently shift the teeth into the ideal position over time. You may experience some soreness afterwards, but it should be manageable with over-the-counter pain relief. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you’re concerned about this.

Follow-Up Appointment

Once the braces are on, we schedule regular follow-up appointments. These appointments happen every six to eight weeks to make adjustments and check progress. Any time you come in, we’re here to answer your questions and talk with you about concerns you may have. If you ever have an issue in between regular appointments, you can always make a special appointment.

Final Appointment

At your final appointment, we’ll take your braces off! Your orthodontist will check over everything and, once your treatment is complete, provide you with a complimentary teeth whitening session. It’s important to continue wearing any retainers recommended once your braces are removed.

What to Know About Metal Braces

Today’s traditional metal braces consist of smaller, sleeker brackets adhered to the teeth and connected by wires to slowly straighten you or your child’s teeth over time. Under the care of our board certified orthodontists, your metal braces are periodically tightened to align your teeth as efficiently and comfortably as possible.

Thanks to the advent of heat-activated arch wires (a technology developed by NASA), metal braces now work with the heat in your mouth to gently straighten the arch wire back to its original form. You’ll experience more comfort and you won’t have to visit us as often for treatment.

There are also many fun options for kids with traditional braces. We can place colorful rubber bands around the brackets, allowing children to express themselves through a variety of bright, trendy tones!

And if you’re worried about braces cost, traditional braces are the most affordable treatment option for patients.

Taking Care of Braces

Brushing and flossing twice a day is important, as is rinsing after meals. This prevents food from getting under your brackets and wires, which can lead to cavities or decay. You may need to use special flossers to make flossing with braces easier.

If you feel discomfort on the side of your mouth, you can place some wax on your brackets to avoid scraping as you adjust to metal braces. Your orthodontist will have wax for you.

If a wire comes loose, you should call your office. The team at East Texas Dental Group will let you know if you can clip the wire and wait for your next visit, or if an emergency appointment is necessary. In the rare case that a bracket comes loose, you should also contact your orthodontist.

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