Wisdom Teeth Removal

We provide wisdom teeth extractions in Tyler, Texas, to eliminate any major dental problems in the future. Our dentists know wisdom teeth extraction to be beneficial because of the following reasons:

  • There might not be enough room for your wisdom teeth on your jaw. If this is the case, the teeth can become impacted and are unable to break through the gums. Bone loss can occur.
  • They could easily store infection if they break partway through the gums and create a skin flap.
  • They could spread infection to other teeth, cause damage to the other teeth and bone, or develop a cyst.
  • They might grow into your mouth at an awkward angle that can affect your bite.

The process of getting your wisdom teeth removed involves your dentist numbing the area around the teeth and giving you a sedative to help you feel calm and relaxed throughout the extractions. Your dentist will then open the gum tissue that is covering the tooth and remove any bone that is in the way. Once the tissue is out of the way, he will remove the tooth from the bone. If it is difficult to remove, the tooth may be taken out in pieces.

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